How it's Used

Easy to use for the whole family

Once The Green Cone is properly installed, it will soon become an invaluable household tool that you'll use every day. Solarcone offers a variety of products that makes the Green Cone System easy to use for the entire family:


Green Cone Kitchen Caddy
The Green Cone Kitchen Caddy is a convenient accessory that is kept in your kitchen to reduce the number of trips you make to your Green Cone. Throughout the day, food waste is stored in the caddy before it is taken to your Green Cone. The lid of the caddy contains a filter to eliminate any possible odors in your kitchen.

The Green Cone is designed to eliminate:

  • 1 full caddy (1 gallon of waste) every 1-2 days during summer
  • 1 full caddy (1 gallon of waste) every 2-3 days during winter

Remember to add Accelerator Powder during the winter months.


Accelerator Powder
Solarcone also offers Accelerator Powder, which vastly improves the Cone's digestion process. It is recommended for regular use but especially when the Green Cone can't enjoy a full day of sunshine, or during the colder months of winter. Simply add a tea bag of accelerator to a pint of water and pour (bag and all) into the Green Cone to maintain a healthy, active digestion chamber.

Accelerator Powder is an enzyme that will keep your Green Cone working efficiently. What is the function of the enzyme? Quite simply, the enzyme accelerates the speed at which the waste material is disposed of. Note that this enzyme is 100% organic and biodegradable and the Accelerator Powder augments the decomposition process.

For more information on Accelerator Powder, visit our BiOWiSH™ pages.


Dealing with Household Waste
The Green Cone is an integral part of dealing with your household waste. It eliminates your cooked and uncooked kitchen food waste, including meat, fish, bones, dairy products, vegetables, fruit, peelings, etc.

Virtually the only exceptions are bulk amounts of food related materials that require a very long time to breakdown, namely: cooking oil/fat and the hard shells of nuts and seafood, such as oysters and crabs.

Other household waste (i.e. non-kitchen waste) must not be put into the Green Cone, but disposed of in methods approved by local community guidelines, for example:

Recycle: Non-biodegradable materials such as metal, wood, plastic and consumer items such as batteries, mobile phones, etc.

Compost: Straw and garden waste such as grass and hedge clippings.

Treat with special care:

  • Petroleum based liquids, solvents, paints, chemicals such as bleach, household cleaners, insecticides, etc.
  • Medical / pharmaceutical waste such as dressings, medicine and drugs.
  • Sanitary items such as disposable diapers.


What can go into the Green Cone
Red Meat & Poultry
All Bones
Fruit including peelings
Vegetables including peelings
Dairy produce
Cooked food scraps
Crushed egg shells
Tea bags
Animal excrement
  What cannot go into the Green Cone
Grass cuttings
Hedge clippings
Bulk oil
Disinfectant & bleaches
"Special treatment items"


Your Green Cone needs very little maintenance. However, it is important to ensure that the top of the basket and the bottom lip of the outer green cone are below ground level and always fully covered with soil.

In a well operating Green Cone, very little waste residue will be produced. Should the residue build up to ground level and not decrease, the cones can be removed to access the basket. The harmless residue can then be buried into any suitable area of the ground.