Assembly & Installation

Getting your Green Cone ready for use

Proper assembly and installation of your Green Cone helps to increase its efficiency in eliminating household waste. Take care to follow these instructions and you will enjoy many years of effective use.



Parts Supplied: Lid, Green Outer Cone, Black Inner Cone, Basket

Assembly Parts


Tools Required:   Assembly Tools


Step 1. Step 1 Place the ribbed side of the hinge on the inside of the lid. Screw the hinge onto the lid through the pre-drilled holes using the two studs.
Step 2. Step 2 Attach the twistlock to the outer cone through the marked holes using two 8x5/8 screws.
Step 3. Step 3 Place the lid on the top of the green outer cone. Screw the hinge to the outer cone using three 10x5/8 self-tapping screws and backplate as shown. When using these screws pre-drilled holes are not required.
Step 4. Step 4 The bar across the opening of the green outer cone can be removed using a hacksaw if desired. (See Frequently Asked Questions.)



  1. Choose a sunny spot in the garden -- the sunnier the better.
  2. If your soil drains well, dig a hole 32" wide and 24" deep. If you live in an area of heavy clay or chalk where drainage isn't as good, dig a hole 36" wide and 28" deep.
  3. Mix some of the soil from the hole with gravel and/or compost for backfilling later. In areas of heavy clay or chalk, include gravel, small stones, small pieces of broken terracotta pots, or small pieces of broken bricks in the mixture to aid drainage.
  4. Place the mixture in the base of the hole so that the base of the basket is 1" below ground level at the base of the hole.
  5. Place the assembled Green Cone in the hole. Ensure the top of the black basket and the bottom lip of the green outer cone are below ground level.
  6. Backfill the gap around the Green Cone with the mixture until the bottom lip of the Green Cone is fully covered.


Your installation is complete!
Your Green Cone is now ready for years of productive use. Post-installation, be sure to periodically check your soil level, which may drop with heavy rain. To check, make sure that the bottom lip of the green outer cone is fully covered, adding backfill as needed.


The Importance of Good Drainage
The Green Cone converts food waste primarily into water and carbon dioxide. The water produced must be able to drain freely away, otherwise the Green Cone will become anaerobic (without oxygen) and will cease to work. It is therefore crucial to install your Green Cone in an area of good drainage. Under no circumstances should the base of the basket be below the water table or where water gathers.

Not sure? Test your
drainage quality.

When you install, first dig a hole 32" wide and 24" deep. Then pour a bucket of water into the hole. If the water disappears in less than 5 minutes, you have good drainage. If the water remains for more than 15 minutes, you have poor drainage and will need to dig the larger sized hole.

Installation Instructions