How it Works

Returning natural products to their source

The Green Cone is a four-part injection molded unit, comprised of:

  • Lower base unit basket, installed below the ground
  • Black inner cone
  • Green outer plastic cone
  • Custom-fitted lid

The diameter of the outer Green Cone is 23 inches at its base and 11.5 inches at the lid end.

The in-ground food waste digestion chamber is 17 inches deep.

The Green Cone stands less than 28 inches above the ground.

The Green Cone takes all household food waste, including vegetable scraps, raw and cooked meat or fish, bones, dairy products and other organic kitchen waste (e.g. tea bags, bread, etc.). Solarcone offers a convenient one-gallon Kitchen Caddy for collecting and carrying household food waste to the Green Cone.

The patented design of the unit utilizes a solar heating effect between the inner and outer cones to promote air circulation, which facilitates the growth of beneficial micro-organisms and the desirable aerobic digestion process. The household food waste is converted into water, carbon dioxide and a small amount of residue.

Because over 90% of the waste material in the Green Cone is absorbed safely as water by the soil, the Green Cone only needs to be cleaned once every few years when treated with care.