Biological help for the human race.

Solarcone is pleased to offer some of the environmentally friendly, safe, and highly effective products developed by BiOWiSH Technologies. We are proud of this partnership and shall be expanding our BiOWiSH™ product line in the future.

BiOWiSH™ Compost Boost

Using BiOWiSH™ Compost Boost rapidly increases this natural decomposition and composting process to significantly increase the performance of your compost bin or worm farm. Composting becomes a much easier process, even when you do not strictly control nitrogen to carbon balances in your compost. With BiOWiSH™ Compost Boost, you are using the most powerful microbial enzyme technology available to rapidly digest the waste matter in your composting unit.


Solarcone includes one package of BiOWiSH™ Compost Boost in every Green Cone™ order and replenishments can be ordered via our online store. Used regularly, BiOWiSH™;; Compost Boost is the easiest and most cost effective way to remove odors, discourage pests and rodents, and increase composting performance.

BiOWiSH™ Septic Tank Aid

Using BiOWiSH™ Septic Tank Aid, you can reduce gas pressures in plumbing and pipes as well as groundwater pollution. With a fast acting, easy application that is suitable for all septic systems, you can be confident that solids are digested efficiently and odors are removed - not masked. BiOWiSH™ Septic Tank Aid only requires quarterly treatment and is 100% organic and biodegradable, non-toxic, non-chemical and non-pathenogenic.

Septic Tank

BiOWiSH™ Septic Tank Aid is the easiest and most cost effective, regular maintenance you can perform for your septic tank system, providing years of hassle free service. When using BiOWiSH™ Septic Tank Aid you are using the same technology used in commercial sewerage treatment plants.

BiOWiSH™ Septic Tank Aid is powerful enough to restore performance in most systems that have stalled or are struggling under heavy loading. The best approach, however, is to treat your system every 3 months to ensure that fat deposits and sludge do not build up in your tanks and leachfield. Over time, this will clear the leachfield of deposits that have built up and restrict proper drainage. If you have persistent problems it may be necessary to pump your system to remove accumulated waste. You can then commence using BiOWiSH™ Septic Tank Aid and your system will remain in balance.