Smart Ideas for Earth-Friendly Families
Solarcone is dedicated to helping people dispose of their household food waste in an environmentally responsible way. Through the use of our unique organic diversion systems, we are changing the way that modern families think about their natural household waste.

Solarcone provides earth-friendly solutions to the traditional backyard composter, with easy-to-use, efficient household tools, reducing waste and eliminating the problem of food disposal. It's a clean, healthy option to minimize your family's kitchen trash while helping the environment. Explore our site and see if Solarcone's family of products is right for you.

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Celebrating Our 20th Year!
Solarcone's founder, Lloyd Falconer, and Jack Warrington, the inventor of the Green Cone, worked tirelessly to promote the idea that small lifestyle changes can make a big difference to our environmental health.

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In-Depth Look   In-Depth Look

The Green Cone System converts plant and animals waste into soil through a cycle of activity by interdependent organisms and micro-organisms.

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