Top Reasons for a Green Cone to be Incorporated
into your Institution's Food Waste Program


  1. The Green Cone handles ALL food waste produced by typical US households, which on average amounts to nearly 600 lbs/year and represents 20% by weight of the municipal household waste put out for collection.
  2. The Green Cone is the only dedicated product capable of removing, at the source, uncooked and cooked household food waste from the waste stream.
  3. Collection and disposal costs per household can be significantly reduced since removing decaying food reduces the need for weekly garbage collection.
  4. Solarcone can assist local authorities in implementing waste management strategies. These strategies comply with legislation and government targets that require a major reduction in deposits at landfill sites.
  5. Solarcone facilitates the introduction of bi-weekly household waste collections, where the reduced frequency of collection decreases vehicle-operating costs, accidents and pollution.
  6. The Green Cone is extremely user friendly, requires no maintenance and is guaranteed for 10 years.
  7. The removal of all decaying waste results in cleaner garbage cans for households, and facilitates the recycling of the remaining domestic waste streams such as plastic and paper packaging, cans and bottles.
  8. The Green Cone is environmentally friendly, particularly in the eyes of the public, when compared with alternative solutions to the growing waste problem.

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Special Pricing

We understand that every situation is unique, and welcome you to contact us with any questions about institutional orders. Both the Green Cone System and Green Johanna Hot Composter are eligible for bulk pricing.